Google+ and YouTube should merge

It's very hard to get YouTube subscribers when you are active on Google+ and posts all your videos there. I still only have 900 YouTube subscribers but around 45,000 followers on Google+ ( +Stefan Svartling ).

One of the reasons is that a YouTube subscriber subscribes to you because he or she wants to watch your videos, a Google+ follower doesn't necessarily follow you because he/she wants to watch your videos. I have proof for that. YouTube videos I post on Google+ gets a lot of interaction, comments and +1's, but not so many views. So it doesn't look like my Google+ followers watch my videos so much. Google+ users wants content like text and images. Not videos apparently.

I think Google should merge these two services into one. At least comments and followers. Like they did with Blogger comments and Google+ comments recently.

If they do that followers on Google+ that follows me on Google+ to watch my videos instead of subscribing to my YouTube channel would be merged with my Youtube subscribers. So the total followers will be for both services.

I think that is what Google should do. And it would be awesome to have the comment systems merged with each other so when someone comments on Google+ they will show up on my YouTube channel too and vice versa. The same with +1's.