iPhone 5S in Gold or Grey? - delayed until this Fall because of a new fingerprint scanner sensor?

Some leaked Nano Sim Card trays in Gold and Grey shows that the iPhone 5S (or is it the iPhone 6?) will come in more colors. So maybe we will for example see a white iPhone 5S with a gold metal band around it instead of silver? That would be cool. Or one with a Grey band? Or will Apple release an iPhone completely in Gold? That would be cool :)

And a new rumor says that the next iPhone is delayed, maybe as long as to this Fall. The reason is the new fingerprint scanner sensor that Apple will add below the home button. They apparently have problems with that technology.

Such feature could be used instead of having to type in a pincode to lock up the phone. So when you are clicking on the homebutton the fingerprint scanner sensor feels that it is you, and then locks up the phone. It needs to be fast to be user friendly though, and I guess if Apple is making such feature on the iPhone it will be fast enough. But maybe that is why it is delayed? They have problems making it good enough?

Rumors also says that the iPhone 5S will have a 13 megapixel camera with dual LED Flash.
The iPhone 5 actually had a not as good camera as the iPhone 4S, and the reason was that Apple changed the optics to be able to make a thinner iPhone 5. That is not the way I want manufacturers to do. They should never make stuff worse only to make things smaller and thinner.

So hopefully Apple fixes the camera optics in the iPhone 5S, but megapixels is not all.