Microsoft is also working on a Smartwatch - Surface Watch? (update)

Microsoft is also working on a Smartwatch, according to Wall Street Journal. So now all the big companies like AppleGoogleSamsungLG and now Microsoft is said working on a Smartwatch that I don’t think we, the consumers doesn’t want. I can’t see me personally wear a watch again, would you like to have one?

I don’t see the point in a Smartwatch, smartphones already have those features. I believe smartwatches will fail.

I think Microsoft doesn’t want to be late into the game again, as they were with the Surface tablet, so that is why they are said working on a smart watch so they can release it at the same time as the competitors this time.


The Wall Street Journal says that the smartwatch will have a 1.5-inch touchscreen display, but it's unclear if it will run a lighter version of Windows Phone or a complete new OS entirely, but Windows Phones "Live Tiles" would be cool to have on a watch I guess :)

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