Motorola X Phone - rumored features and launch date

Some more rumors, speculations and info about the Motorola X Phone has showed up on the web. Now it looks like the first “X Phone” is scheduled to launch in August, and that is a bit later than I thought, if that's the case we will definitely not see it on Google I/O in May.

The “X Phone” will feature an always on listening mode that allows users to give it voice commands and wake up the device by voice. That could be possible because Qualcomm has announced support for an always-on “Voice Activation” feature in their processors that allows users to wake up their device. That could also mean that the X Phone will be running in a Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor of some kind.

The phone will also feature predictive intelligence that will make it possible to launch applications and commands based on how you hold and use the device. The phone will automatically figure out what you want to do before you do it. As an example: If you take your phone out of your pocket and hold it landscape mode, it will open up the camera app to take a picture.

Another feature is that the X Phone will “always be connected” to the Google Chrome web browser. That is probably true now with the Chrome OS boss Sundar Pichai taking over the Android development. We will for sure see tighter integration between Android and Chrome now. This new feature could mean that we will be allowed to respond to text messages, access our content, and find a lost phone. A bit like what you can do already with the app Airdroid.

And as I've earlier said in videos, the consumers will be able to customize their phones with a number of different materials for the casing. A new option would be wood though. And that sounds kinda strange to me :) Another option would be that we will be able to choose between 20 different colors, and that sounds quite possible at least. 

But as I said, with all these rumors it sounds more and more that we will not see the X Phone on Google IO. Google / Motorola will probably hold a separate event in June/July instead, and that could be great because this sounds like a quite big thing for both the Android world and Google.