Samsung Unpacked Episode 3 will be all about a flagship Tizen phone

On the Unpacked Event Episode One by Samsung, we saw the Samsung Galaxy S IV, on the Unpacked Episode Two, we will probably see the Galaxy Note 3 presented in the same ”theatrical” presentation as in episode one. Just as a sequel.

But Samsung has said that they will release three flagship phones this year (2013).
They have also said that they will release a flagship phone this year that will run their own OS called Tizen.

So I think they will have a third episode of the Unpacked event that will be all about a flagship Tizen phone.

But the interesting part is why is Samsung releasing a flagship Tizen phone?

I think they will test the market, they want to see what the consumer will think of Tizen. Samsung has also said that when they release that phone they will have thousands of Tizen apps ready to buy from the app store.

And if you think about it, it’s very easy for Samsung to release a Tizen version of the Galaxy S4, or the Galaxy Note III. Just launch it with the Tizen OS.

So maybe we will see a Tizen version of every new flagship phone Samsung will launch in the future. By doing that, the consumer can choose if they want the phone to run Android or Tizen.

And even further into the future, maybe Samsung will scrap Android totally?