Apple is doing it wrong when it comes to sharing in iOS 7

A new rumor says that Apple will integrate Flickr and Vimeo directly into iOS 7. That means that it will be possible to share to these two services too. That is exactly as I predicted over a year ago that Apple would do. I even said that I believed that Apple will buy Vimeo when they throw out YouTube from iOS.

But this is the wrong way doing it. I don't get it why Apple needs to control this feature so hard? Why not do it like it works in Android? So that every app or service we use will be able to share to, instead of only be able to share to the services Apple choose for us...
So for example if a user install the Google+ app, then Google+ would show up as an option to share to in any app. What's the reason to why Apple want to control this? I can't see any reason at all..

Very stupid. If this is true, then iOS 7 still will be very boring. And what Apple needs to do is to make iOS interesting again. It's even more important than releasing a new iPhone.