I will go all Google on my Mac as an experiment to see how it goes

I have decided to go all Google on my Mac (MacBook Air 11-inch) too as an experiment, and not only on my smartphone. As you maybe remember, I did a video some days ago where I said that I believe Google will make the Chrome Web Browser be the complete Chrome OS in a very near future. After that I decided to go through all Google services, and very deeply investigating Google Drive and everything it can do. And I was quite surprised. You can already do a lot by using only Google stuff and Chrome.

And maybe you have already followed my Android journey since October 2012, when I switched from being an heavy iOS user to be an Android user. This will be the same thing, but on my computers instead. So if you are interested to follow my new Google Journey, can be looking forward to a lot of videos and Google+ posts about my experience, my journey into this.

Exciting times!