My thoughts on Microsoft's Xbox One

Microsoft had an event recently, where they showed us the new Xbox One gaming console, that is now even more than that. It's a complete HTPC too with TV, video, music and gaming. Everything controlled by gestures and voice. Really cool. No need for a remote ;)

I was quite impressed by the TV features and the navigation of the system. But sadly we will probably not see all this feature here in Europe or Sweden where I live. They were very US specific and tightly integrated into their TV channels. So how will Microsoft solve that problem?
How do they think people in Europe will buy the Xbox One without all the features working?
I don't get it? I am sure the Xbox One will be quite expensive, and personally I won't buy it if not all these features is working here where I live...

Unfortunately the Xbox One is not backward compatible with Xbox 360, so you can't play your old games on it. In this video I talk about that and all other thoughts I have about the Xbox One.