On Google Plus comments are content

Now with the new Google+ design rolled out, I thought I should talk about how good Google+ really is. I have many times said that Google+ is the best place on the web when it comes to interaction. Nothing beats it. To me the most important thing on Google+ is the discussions.

And on Google+ we build up the posts together. Collaborate blogging. As you may know, Google+ is my main blog, and often gets my posts better because of all the awesome comments, filled with facts and info. Comments are content. It's very often that Google+ posts gets better than the original shared link we discuss, and that is all thanks to comments.

I have even got three YouTube videos go viral this year thanks to Google+, through all the shares, reshares, +1's and comments.

Google+ is definitely not a ghost town...

I think Google+ will be one of the most important services in a near future. Google+ is Google 3.0. It will actually be Google.