One huge problem with Android users is that they refuse to pay for apps

I don't get it why Android users refuse to pay for apps. As long as they have that attitude, then we won't get any good professional apps because the developers wants to earn money, they want revenue for their apps. They will stick to develop these great professional apps for iOS instead.

I often recommend Android apps (and also iOS apps), but I almost always get some comments like: "Oh, it costs money, is there a free option too?" And I don't get it? Why?
I think great nice looking apps is worth paying for.

Android still doesn't have any good professional video editing apps for example, while iOS at least have 4 different. Android only has total junk, spam and total worthless video editing apps. I mean, we will never get any good apps for Android if the users refuse to pay for them.

The attitude of Android users need to change.

I gladly pay for apps like Press, Falcon Pro and Pocket Casts for example. If more did that, then more developers would release such good apps. Simple.