Some things I don't like with the new Gmail

Yesterday I posted a video that showed how to activate the new Gmail version with auto filtering into different tabs and all. But there is some things I don't like with the new Gmail.

One thing is that notifications has stopped working. I don't get any notifications when I get new emails anymore. Only from the Primary tab, but I want them from the other tabs too. Especially from the Social tab, because I want to know when someone has commented on my posts and videos.

The second thing is almost the same, there is no email count on the Gmail tab anymore. Only from the Primary Tab.

The third thing I don't like is that I had three spam emails in my Inbox this morning! I haven't seen spam in years... Gmail has an excellent spam filtering. SO why did I have three spam this morning? Is it because of the new version of Gmail or what?

I really hope Google fixes these things ASAP.