Sony Honami will only be beaten by Nokia 808 Pureview when it comes to camera sensor (update)

According to VR-Zone, will the coming "One Sony" flagship phone codenamed Honami, have a 1/1.6″ Exmor RS stacked camera sensor with Sony G Lens (Glass lens). It will also have either a xenon or dual-LED flash, a plasma flash could also be possible.

This new Sony camera sensor are only beaten by the Nokia 808 Pureview when it comes to size.

Honami will also have new camera software that is based upon Sonys range of Cyber-shot cameras. Sony is also working on its own version of Nokia’s City Lens, an Augmented Reality app.

Watch my vlog talking about the Honami handset:

The whole Sony company is working on the Honami phone to make it very special. The design will have elements of glass and metal to make it as beautiful as possible, and it will not only have the best camera Sony can make, it will also have the best sound system in a phone.

The Sony Honami phone sound very, very promising :)
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Update: Sony has managed to put this sensor in under 10mm thickness. A 10mm thickness with such a large sensor is incredibly good.