What I use on my Android Phone at the moment

I get a lot of questions about what stuff I use on my Android phone, so I thought I should answer those questions in this video. Watch it to get my comments about everything.

What I use on my Samsung Galaxy S3 4G (2GB RAM, Quad-core, Jelly Bean 4.1.2) at the moment:

  • Launcher: Nova Launcher Prime 2.0
  • Keyboard: SwiftKey 
  • Mail: Gmail
  • Web Browser: Chrome Beta
  • GTD & Note taking (and more): Evernote
  • Calendar: CalenGoo
  • Camera: Built-in Samsung Camera App
  • Photo Editing: SnapSeed, but from now on Google+
  • Social Networks: Google+ & YouTube (the only I need, the perfect combination)
  • Twitter app: Official Twitter app (for the few times I still use Twitter)
  • News Reader: I stopped using RSS so I use Google+ and Flipboard (I have some Flipboard magazines you can subscribe to. Check them out!)
  • Cloud storage: Evernote, DropBox and Google Drive (mostly Evernote)
  • Widgets: Google Now, CalenGoo, Evernote toolbar
  • Lock screen: Built-in Samsung
  • Audio recording: RecForge
  • Text Editor: Draft