You can have YouTube videos go viral thanks to Google Plus

Being a YouTuber usually means that you want as many people as possible to see your videos, and personally I really like when many is watching my videos.

Yesterday I did a video about how to enable the new Gmail version, and that video went viral, all thanks to Google+. It was shared and reshared a lot, commented and +1 incredibly much. So the video got a lot of views and was a quite success for me.

It is actually the third video this year that has gone viral for me thanks to Google+. That is proof enough that you don't have to have a lot of YouTube subscribers to succeed, you can have a lot of Google+ followers instead.

Google+ and YouTube is the perfect combination. They work incredibly good together.

So my little YouTube tip is that you should connect your Google+ profile to your YouTube channel, and post your videos to Google+, and then try to get as many Google+ followers as possible. The hard part is the last part I know :) But if you post interesting content and interact a lot on Google+, then you succeed. That is what I do.