YouTube beats Television and Printed Media is dead

In my family (5 persons), we never watch broadcasted television anymore. We all watch YouTube and other streaming video services. Me and my wife and the kids, we all do the same. Heck the kids doesn't even want a TV, they use their computers and smartphones.
YouTube to me can even be a news source, it's very easy to see all the latest news of something that you are interesting in. For example if you subscribe to my YouTube channel you will know everything about all the new mobile phones. You can do that with many different topics.

The same with printed media, we don't read or use them anymore. So no printed magazines, books or newspapers. We all read on the web, and me personally love reading ebooks on my smartphone. It's a better media than a heavy and thick printed book that is not confortable to hold.

And it's a myth that the screen is to small and the text is too small to read books on a smartphone. It's pure BS. In all ebook reader apps I've used you can choose font, colors and text size. You can format your own book. You can't do that with printed books...

And we can make our own magazines with services like Pocket and Instapaper. Just save articles that you want to read to these services and then read them beautifully formatted when you got the time and want to read.

And in the new Flipboard version for iOS you can make your own magazines that other users can subscribe too! So you can make magazines that you want to read and even share them. That is the future of magazines.

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