An update on my Mac Google Experience

I started an experiment some weeks ago, where I would try to only use the Chrome web browser, chrome apps and Google services instead of native apps on my Mac. And I must say that it has worked out quite good.

I now use the Chrome app StackEdit instead of ByWord, Gmail instead of Apple Mail, Google+ instead of the RSS Reader called Reeder, Google Calendar instead of Apple's iCal, Google+ instead of both Facebook and Twitter, Google Drive instead of Microsoft Office, Evernote web instead of the native Evernote version and Google+ photos, Pixlr express and Pixlr Photo Editor instead of Pixelmator

The only thing that I can't replace is Final Cut Pro X video editing (yes I've tried WeVideo and it sucks), making screencasts (recording your desktop) and the background service Evernote helper.

Watch the vlog above for all the details.