Google will have 2 mobile Chrome events - will we see Chrome apps support?

Google has announced that they will have two mobile Chrome events, the first one this Friday (June 6). It sounds like Google will present something big.

Will we see Chrome App and extension support in mobile Chrome too?
If so, that will be one step further for Google to make the Chrome Web Browser into Chrome OS. I am sure that in a very near future Chrome web browser will replace Chrome OS, it will be a layer above our real operating systems like OS X, Windows and Android. That way we still can run native apps like video editing or screen recording apps when needed, but still have the light web OS that is Chrome when we want to.

Of course there still will be Chromebooks, but they will be very niched because it will be better to buy real computers and run Chrome on with Chrome App Launcher, Google Now, Notifications and all.

These two Chrome events will be very exciting!