Here is how I use Google Plus instead of RSS and RSS Readers

As you may know, I have switched to only use Google+ as my news reader, instead of RSS and RSS Readers like Google Reader. And personally I think it works really great.
I have now done a video on how I use it and how to do it. Please +1 and share it, thanks :)

To me Google+ pages and Google+ profiles has replaced RSS Feeds. They are even better than RSS. They are social, realtime and highly engaging.
Some users has said to me that they can never do that because they follow blogs that isn't on Google+ yet, but I can't see that as a problem, because you can find most of these posts by searching on Google+, and you only have to follow the persons that shares those posts, the persons or blogs that create the content doesn't have to use Google+ them self.

If you create some circles with people or pages that shares the content you like, then I am sure that you will be satisfied. 
I am sure that Google+ is what Google wants us to use instead of RSS and Google Reader, I think that is the future for finding content we like. Think about it, we curate all posts manually here on Google+. That means that we get much higher quality content, than for example Twitter. No automation, not much junk or spam. And spam is very easy to get rid of with the tools we have on Google+.
I think it's perfect.

I definitely prefer realtime, social and engaging content finding. I can highly recommend that you try that too. If you want to have my "Subs" circle I am showing in this video, just let me know.