Huawei is considering buying Nokia (updated with my vlog)

The Chinese based company Huawei is thinking of acquiring Nokia, according to Huawei’s chief Richard Yu. This news came just after Huawei announces their latest flagship phone Ascend P6.

He says that Huawei is “open-minded” and are “considering” it, but that it “depends on the willingness of Nokia.”

That could mean that Huawei can break the deal that Nokia has with Microsoft, and make Nokia manufacture phones that runs on Android instead of Windows Phone. That would be awesome, because Nokia makes great hardware. Look at the rumored Nokia EOS for example.

And it also means that Huawei doesn't have to pay licensing fees to Microsoft for using Windows.

But it is most likely that Microsoft won’t approve such an acquisition, because that would mean that Microsoft won't have any mobile phone platform anymore.

Huawei is the third largest company when it comes to volume of mobile phone shipments, with only Apple and Samsung before them.