I believe in Chrome as a platform

As +Kevin Tofel writes in Still don’t believe Google Chrome is a platform? This video will change your mind: "I’ve been watching Google’s Chrome strategy unfold for some time now. Chrome isn’t just a browser for the company, it’s a strategy to take over the computing world right out from under Microsoft and Apple’s noses."

That is is exactly what I've been talking about for a while. For example here:

I think the Chrome Web Browser will be the new Chrome OS that we can run above our normal OS when ever we want, and it will be a complete web OS, Cloud OS. I have already installed the Chrome OS App Launcher on my Mac as you can see here:

And the "Text" app shown in his post (and as a screenshot at the top of this post), I have already installed too, and I have it as a normal app icon sitting in my OS X dock :) Amazing! This is the future! I can feel it.