I will not switch back to iOS - Apple WWDC 2013 aftermath

And no, I will not switch back to iOS and the iPhone. I've got that question now after Apple's WWDC 2013 Keynote.

I still think that iOS is too boring. It looks like they haven't open it up more so that we can share to the services we use, instead of only to the services Apple choose for us. And we still can't choose default apps for for example keyboard, email or web browser.

These simple things makes iOS not as good as Android. I don't understand why Apple can't allow this? It has nothing to do with security, because they still have the control over the app store, so these things are already controlled so that they fits Apple's policy.

So I will stay with Android on my mobile phone. I will never ever switch back to Windows either. I love Mac and OS X. There is no better computers and operating system in the world.

And if I was forced somehow to use something else, I would rather use Linux or Chrome OS over Windows.. I have enough of Windows at my daytime work as a Project Manager, so I will stick to my 11-inch MacBook Airas my main computer, my personal computer, my "iPad", my ultra portable computer, my "iMac".

So I am a happy Android and Mac user.