My rant about Apple's share feature in iOS

I'm very angry at Apple on how they handle the share feature in iOS.
They still is "hard coding" in the services they think the users should use, directly into iOS, instead of letting the user choose which services they want to use.
Now I new rumor says that they will integrate (hard coding) LinkedIn (a service nobody use) into iOS 7. Apple probably have some kind of deal with them, that's why.
They'll integrate any service, unless it's Google. They hate Google. It's obvious.

So now the users can share to Twitter, FaceBook, Vimeo, Flickr and LinkedIn. These are the services Apple thinks the users should use. Nothing else. Heck, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo and Flickr is even hard coded into OS X on my Mac! And probably LinkedIn soon too...

Why is that? Why are they doing this? Control. More control. At least that is the only reason I can see.

This means that the only way to share a web page from mobile Safari in iOS to another service than Apple choose, is with special knowledge. Knowledge of what a bookmarklet is, and how to install it in Safari. That and an existing bookmarklet. Not all services has one. Or the knowledge on how to copy the link from the small url bar and paste it into another app to share it? Is that simple? no. And doesn't work so well either, because not all apps parses the link. And how modern mobile OS is that? Copy and Paste the content to share..

And how many normal iPhone or iPad users has this knowledge? Not many, I can a sure you that. And why should that even be necessary on an OS that should just work? An operating system with the best user experience in the world? That should be so simple as possible?

Yes you can use Chrome to share to Google+ for example, because Google has "hard coded" in Google+ in the share menu of Chrome. They had to because the share feature sucks on iOS.
But you can't set Chrome as your default web browser, so if you want to open a link from an app, it opens in Mobile Safari with no way to share to other services than Apple has chosen for you!

And if you have a photo you want to share to your friends and family, then if you open that photo on your iPhone and choose share, what services do you have as a share option? The services Apple thinks you should use...

I don't know how brainwashed you need to be to not see how bad this is.. I know I was, but I had the fortunate to try something else that doesn't have this limitation, this control. Android.

And now I am angry at Apple!