Nokia EOS prototype with Aluminum body leaked

A prototype of the coming super phone Nokia EOS has leaked, and this version has a body of aluminum instead of the polycarbonate body the Lumia phones usually has. So either Nokia is testing a new body material before they decide which to use, or this is it, the rumored Nokia EOS, codenamed Elvis will be made of aluminum.

There is also some different aluminum lens caps leaked. One has "41 megapixel" and "PureView" stamped in, and there is also one black and one white, and the 41 megapixel stamp is more proof that we will see a real super camera phone, with lossless zoom and all. It will be a tight fight between the coming super phones Nokia EOS and the Sony i1 (Honami), I prefer Android over Windows Phone 8 though :)

Update: Added my video about this below: