Samsung's Tizen flagship phone doesn't have so impressive specs it seems

I've been talking many times already about that Samsung will release a Flagship Tizen phone this year. They will release three flagship phones in total this year, and we have already seen the Galaxy S4, and we will see the Galaxy Note 3 on IFA in September, and I believe that we will see a Tizen phone on Samsung's event this week, June 20.

It is quite clear that the company will at least release one Tizen in the upcoming months. An earlier leak of a GT-I8805 confirmed that it is running on Tizen OS and that it only has a 720p display and a Cortex A9-based processor. If this is true, then to me that is not a flagship phone. It's just a mid range phone.

In the source code of Tizen there is apparently only support for Samsung’s own Exynos 4412, which is only a 1.4-.16 Ghz quad-core A9 processor, and a ARM Mali 400 GPU. No exciting specs at all. So hopefully that is NOT the Tizen flagship phone. We will probably see more on June 20.