The day after Apple's WWDC 2013 Keynote

Apple's WWDC 2013 keynote was quite impressive. No one does keynotes as good as Apple, no one. They are Pro's. What made me personally most excited was the new OS X Mavericks and the new MacBook Air's. I think the new features in OS X was brilliant, and especially the features to make the battery life better. Especially the AppNap feature that kills the CPU time of an app or window as soon as it get not in focus. That's brilliant.

The new MacBook Air now has Haswell processors, and that together with the new OS X Mavericks, makes it get an incredible battery life. The 11-inch get 9 hours! And the 13-inch get 12 hours! That is unbelievable good. That alone makes we want to buy a new 11-inch MacBook Air even if I already have the 2012 model :) But I will wait and see how good battery life my MacBook Air only by installing OS X Mavericks and it's great new features. Maybe I get so good battery life so that I can wait until next year to buy a new one? Next year I am sure we will see Retina or maybe Touch displays on the MacBook Air's.

The new design of iOS 7 was nice, it was flatter, simpler and more minimalistic, but had a tiny bit too much Pastel colors for my taste. And most importantly, no sign of a new share menu that made it possible to share to the services we want, instead of only the services Apple choose for us... And no sign of open up iOS a bit more so the user can choose default apps for for example web browser, email and keyboard.... So iOS 7 still looks to be a bit too boring for my taste.

The new Mac Pro was of course very impressive too, it was just a sneak peak though, but the cylindric design was really cool and the automatic lights around the connectors too :) And the specs was unbelievable good. This is a high end computer for the future. All Pro workers should have one. I mean just be able to run up to three 4K monitors at the same time was very impressive!

So these reflections was a few of what I talk about in this vlog. Watch it for more.