Using the Android Camera from the Google Edition Phones

The stock Android camera app from the new Google Edition phones from Samsung and HTC has been ripped, and I have installed that camera app on my Samsung Galaxy S3 4G. So far it works great. It has crashed one or two times though, but I finally have Google's Photosphere feature now :)

I am testing to see if the quality is better or worse when recording video and audio for my vlogs. This vlog is recorded with that camera app. So what do you think? Is the video and audio quality better or not?

Personally I noticed that the audio volume where lower than the default standard Samsung camera. I had to raise it 7db when I did the video editing!
I don't have to do that with the Samsung camera app.

But the video quality seems to be better, even if I can't find any settings for stabilization as the Samsung camera has.

Please tell me in the comments what you think.