A press-photo and more info about the Nokia Lumia 1020 (EOS) has leaked out


On Thursday, Nokia will have a press event where they will show us the much rumored Nokia EOS (codenamed Elvis) that is actually called Lumia 1020. It even had an early name of Lumia 909.

This will be the greatest camera phone available when it's released by the end of the month for AT&T in the US for $602 off-contract.

In this new render you can see a Yellow, White and Black Nokia Lumia 1020, with the incredible 41 megapixel camera as the main attraction. It also features both a Xenon and LED flash. This will definitely be a great phone for users that want to get rid of their compact camera. Personally I think it's too bad that this phone runs Windows Phone OS… But that is my personal preference.

Lumia 1020 EOS

Here is some leaked specs and info of the Nokia Lumia 1020:

- It has optical image stabilization (OIS)

- It takes the image in a 32 megapixel and 5 megapixel at the same time in 16:9

- The 5 megapixel image is over sampled dropping 7 pixels into one “super pixel”

- It shoots 38 megapixel in 4:3

- 2GB of RAM

- 32GB of internal storage

- No microSD

- Runs on Windows Phone 8 Version 8.0.10322.71

- FM radio (Amber)

- Flip to silence (Amber)


- There will also be an optional wireless charging backplate available

The Lumia 1020 will also have Nokia's Pro Camera app pre-installed and with that app you will be able to change the photos and settings. Here is what you can change:


- White Balance

- Manual focus

- Shutter speed

- Flash

We will see if this phone will be available internationally (probably), but when launched it will be an AT&T exclusive.