About Google+ new +1 behavior

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Google has released a new feature on Google+.

It means when someone you have in your circles +1′s a post, Google has a new algorithm that determines if that post should show up in your home stream or not.
The same happens when you +1 a post, then it could show up in your followers home feed.

That means that we all will see more relevant content in our home streams based on what we like. It's an attempt to increase the reach of great content, and I think it will be huge.

At first I thought this was a ripoff of Facebooks likes, but this is nothing like that. The biggest difference is that this will just be posts that interests you, and not everything the users you follow likes.

And there is no fake activities posted automatically from apps, this is all human curated +1's. Huge difference from Facebook.

Another difference is that you will only see some selected +1′s that Google thinks you will find interesting or relevant. So no clutter of your home stream.

And if you have managed circles and uses them a lot, then you won't see this kind of +1's because they are only visible in your Home stream or rather "All" stream.
And you can decide what content you want to see in your home stream from your different circles, you can choose more, less or none from every circle you have. You can also do the same with the "what's hot" posts, and you can see this new +1 feature as a better "Whats Hot" feature, because these posts will only be of relevance to you instead of all kinds of posts that you are not interested in from the "Whats Hot" stream. So I actually recommend to turn off the "whats hot" posts totally from your Home Stream now.

It's possible to turn this new feature off in Google+ settings, and i've even seen some Google+ posts that says that you should do that because otherwise you will spam your followers, and that is so wrong. This is a feature to lift some important and relevant posts forward, so that your followers can find them too. It's not a feature you should block. Give Google a chance to adjust the new algorithm, it's new and will only get better.

This will increase your reach, your posts will find new readers and viewers, and in the long run you will get a lot more followers in return.

Update: For all the Google+ users that is angry about this new feature:

The solution for everyone that thinks this is annoying, is to start manage your circles once and for all. I've done that from the start and my circles are perfect. Circles is the solution for everything.

These +1's doesn't show up in circles streams, only in the main stream "All". So when you want to discover new content from new users you don't follow, use your main stream, when you only want to see content from the users you follow, use circles. Simple.