Chromecast is the future

Chromecast dongleGoogle had an event some days ago, where they presented the new Chromecast device. It's a small device that you plug in to a HDMI port on your TV, and then you can "Cast" content from your devices to your TV, and use your devices as a remote control. It's pretty nifty.

I think this is the future for TV, it will revolutionize the TV world.

The reason is because we will now see more content made for TV, we will see new YouTube channels be created just because of Chromecast, it will be better for YouTube content creators like me, because more users will find us, and watch our videos.

Google has released an incredible good API for Chromecast, that makes it possible for any service, and app to support the Chromecast device. So we will see more apps and services for this thing.

And the best thing with Chromecast, that makes it beat Apple TV big time, is that it works with any device, it works with the iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, Android phones, Windows PC's and Mac's. It works everywhere.

On your mobile devices the apps needs to support Chromecast, but Google has already updated some of the apps for it, Netflix supports, Pandora and more. I also heard that the podcast app BeyondPod is working to add support for Chromecast. And my guesses is that the Chrome web browser for Android will be updated to support Chromecast too. I think it's just matter of time.

We will see hundreds of apps that will support it.

On your computer, you can install an Chrome Web Browser extension, that makes it possible to "Cast" a Chrome tab to your TV. I think that is excellent, and you actually can cast your complete desktop to the TV, so not just the Chrome tab. And it is also possible to stream local content to the TV through Chromecast, as long as you have the link to the file, so that you can paste it into a Chrome tab. It works.

So the huge drawback for the beautiful and quite cheap Apple TV is that it just works for Apple devices and not all devices.

I will buy the Chromecast as soon as I can here in Sweden. Hopefully Google realize that to make this a success, they need to release it over the whole world.

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