Here is a comparison of the new cheap iPhone / iPhone lite and the iPhone 5

Cheap iphone

Some new images comparing the coming cheap iPhone with the iPhone 5 has leaked out.
Apparently will the cheap iPhone / iPhone lite come in two different versions.

cheap iphone

The code names for these two different versions is Zenevo and Zagato/Bertone. Here is some of the specs:

The Zenevo comes with a Samsung H5P dual-core processor, 1GB RAM memory, and supports Bluetooth 4.0 and FDD (?) 4G connectivity. The other one, the Zegato/Bertone is a bit better and comes with a H6P processor, 1GB RAM memory, and supports TDD (?) 4G LTE and Bluetooth 4.0. I have no idea what some of those specs means though.


The sizes of the two versions is the same, and they also have the same logic board. They look practically the same over all.

Cheap iphone

To me this could be a great way for Apple to move in to non developing countries that can't afford their high end iPhone version. But Apple doesn't do cheap, that's why I am a bit skeptical.

cheap iphone


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