Here is a press photo of the New Nexus 7

New nexus 7 press

This week Google will have a press event, where they probably will show us the new Nexus 7 running on Android 4.3. And now we have an official press shot leaked.

The press shot doesn't reveal anything new, but we can clearly see the new 5 megapixel rear-facing camera.

We can also see a pair of speakers on the top and bottom on the back. And of course the volume and power buttons on the right edge.

New Nexus 7 ad

We also have a leaked Best Buy ad flyer that will start to run on July 28th, and it says "available Tuesday", which is July 30th. So it will be available just some week after Google's event. The flyer also shows some of the specs and price, the 16GB will cost $229, and have the display resolution 1920x1200, as the rumors already told us before.

Here is my video about it: