LG G2 will be 5.2-inch and the camera will have a optical image stabilization


Some new information about the coming LG G2 shows up. Apparently their new flagship phone will have a 5.2-inch IPS Full HD display and not a 5-inch as expected, and the camera will have optical image stabilization. That's nice. So if this is true it falls into the phablet category too. Everything bigger than 5-inch and smaller than 7-inch is a phablet to me. But I don't like LG's UI though, and Android doesn't get updated so fast on LG phones either..

LG G2 will also have a 2.3GHz quad core Snapdragon 800 processor, 3GB RAM memory, 13 megapixel camera and only Android 4.2.2. But all this is just rumors you know.

Not much else info is available about this phone, but as I've posted before, it looks like it will be very thin, so thin so that the volume buttons doesn't fit on the side of the phone anymore, So they will be on the back of it instead. That will be a first.

LG will have a press conference on August 7th in New York, and we will probably see the LG G2 there.