Motorola Moto X info - 720p display, $299, able to choose casing & more

New motorola 540x360

Yesterday I posted about the new Moto X ad campaign from Motorola, and today more info about the Phone itself is circulating on the web.

+Taylor Wimberly says on Google+ that the device will have a 720p display between 4-4.9-inch, and the price will be around $299 or less, unlocked. The Moto X will run a close to stock Android, and have an “always-on” listening mode.

More specs are a MSM960pro SoC, 2GB of RAM and the best battery life in the market.
The customers will be able to choose between plastic, metal, wood, and carbon fiber casing.

More over, apparently an Motorola employee gives us this info about the Moto X phone(s):

- 2 devices from Motorola by the end of the year and Google phones beginning early 2014

- Solid uni-body, non-removable battery and only essential ports

- Up to 32 different colors

- Motorola will not receive special treatment from Google

- Google did the design and has a lot to say in the product