Motorola Moto X will be great but will it be available outside of the US?

The Motorola Moto X phone looks to be a very good phone, even without the high end specs of others. It will be highly optimized and have a pure android experience. The rumor also says that it will have a Clear Pixel camera, what ever that means, but it sounds cool :)

The customer will be able to customize the phone with different colors, different shells, and also adding engravings to the phone.

It will be very feature based instead of specs based, and have a lot of sensors and gestures to control the phone with. And the best thing is that it will probably be quite cheap too.

But will it be sold in Google Play Store even if it's highly customizable? I don't think so.
And if it will, what is the difference from a Nexus device then. Only the name.

And I don't think it will be available outside of the US. At least not here in Sweden.