My "Chrome OS" experience on my Mac

chrome app launcher on mac

If I was forced to not use a Mac and OS X, and had to choose between Windows and Chrome OS, then my choice would definitely be Chrome OS. No question about it.

Even as you can't record screencasts or edit video smoothly on Chrome OS. I would choose it over Windows any day.

My video showing the Chrome App Launcher on my Mac:

And as some of you may know, I've been doing an experiment on my mac for some months now, where I'm making the Chrome OS experience on my Mac, above OSX.

pocket packed chrome app

And it works flawlessly with the chrome app launcher, packed chrome apps and all.
By doing so, I have the best of both worlds, the light very useful chrome OS for all web work like writing, blogging, photo editing, and socializing I do, and the native Mac apps when I need to do some serious, creative work as recording video, editing video, and creating music.

My vlog about what I think of how the future for Chrome OS will be:

I think that is the future for Chrome OS, it will be replaced by the Chrome Web Browser, and be able to run on any computer, above your real operating system.

I think that is how the future for computing will be.