Pocket has released a new Packed Chrome App that can be used in offline mode


One of my favorite services is Pocket. Pocket is a so called "Read later" service, and I use it a lot for both pleasure and work. Before I switched to Android from my iPhone, I was actually a huge Instapaper fan, but I decided to try Pocket on Android because Instatpaper sucks on Android, and I was hooked almost immediately.

I think Pocket is even a better service than Instapaper now.

I use a native desktop app for Pocket on my Mac, but today Pocket has released a new packed Chrome app that acts like a Native app. It get's installed in the Chrome App Launcher and all, so I now have it in my Dock on my Mac. With that new Chrome app you can now download your articles for offline reading too.

The app works really great and I can highly recommend it for everyone. Especially for user like me that wants to have the complete Chrome OS on your normal computer ;)

Please note that if you already have the old Pocket app installed, you need to search for this new app and install that too. Or click on this link to go to it.

Running on ubuntu

This is the features in this new app:

Offline reading

Tagging & Starring of items

Tiles or list view

Social network sharing

Font resizing and styling

“In app” browser view

‘Read it Later’ service Pocket has launched a new Chrome app that allows articles saved to it to be read both online and offline.

Articles and images added to your Pocket account can be synced with the app for viewing offline on any desktop running Google Chrome.

Via: OMG! Chrome!