The HTC One mini is official - just another mid range mini phone...

HTC One mini Silver 3Up 575px

Ok, so now the HTC One mini is official, and to me that's just one more "mini" phone with mid range specs.. Yes I know it has the new 4 megapixel UltraPixel camera and all, but the rest of the specs is kinda so so..

HTC One mini Silver FrontAngle 575px e1374138441473

So it still looks like Sony is the only ones that will come out with a mini phone with high end specs this year, if the rumors about the Sony i1 Honami mini is true that is.

HTC One mini Black 3Up 575px e1374138408927

Here is the official specs of the new HTC One mini:

* 4.3-inch SLCD3 Display at 720p, with 343 ppi density

* Dual-Core Snapdragon 400 CPU

* 1GB of RAM

* 16GB of Storage

* 4 megapixel “UltraPixel” main camera

* 0.6 megapixel front-facing camera (that must be one of the lowest in a while...)

* Android 4.2 with Sense 5

* 1,800 mAh Battery

* No NFC or IR remote as the bigger brother has

Update: Here is my vlog about what I think: