This makes me more sure of that I want the Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Not that I understand French, but this is an excellent video showing off the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. The device that can replace the phone and the tablet. One device to rule them all.

I get more and more sure that this is device I will buy this Fall. It will be perfect for me. A great companion to my beloved 11-inch MacBook AIr.

Also the design looks incredible, the only thing that worries me is if it will actually be too big to always have with me. I mean, even on the toilet! I hope that I can have it comfortably in my back pocket of my Jeans. Maybe I should buy such a cover that makes it like a wallet or notebook? I don't know, I have never had a cover on any of my phones before. And maybe I can't have it in my pocket with such cover on then?

As I've said before, I will choose between:

- Sony Xperia Z Ultra

- Samsung Galaxy Note 3

- HTC One Max

- LG G2

But I am starting to be tired of Samsung plastic and the company over all. I have actually never liked Samsung. They are… strange and copycats. And I definitely don't like TouchWIz and their software…

The same thing with LG, terrible software. And HTC Sense has never been a favorite to me, but recent Sony devices though, has very near stock Android, and get very fast updates now, so number one on my list at the moment is this Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

It will be exciting to choose though :)