About Apple, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

Iphone 5cApple will have an event September 10, where they probably will present the new iPhone, the iPhone 5S, and probably the much rumored cheaper, plastic iPhone 5C.

The rumors also says that the new iPhone 5S will have a fingerprint sensor below the home button, but seriously, is that really something we want to have? I for sure don't. I think that is a total pointless feature. And it is definitely not enough to make the iPhone exciting again. We need more than just the same phone as last year but just with updated specs, it will still look the same. It is too boring now Apple. Apple can't do this year after year, they need to excite us again, innovate again.

The cheaper, plastic iPhone 5C is a good idea though, I think it will only be sold in non-developing markets, like India, China and Africa. That way it won't hurt the iPhone brand, where Apple makes high end premium devices.

But I seriously hope that Apple will surprise us with something exciting on this event, because Apple is really loosing it since Steve Jobs died.

They still makes the worlds best computers though, I love my Mac and Apple for that.

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