CyanogenMod made me a new Android Phone - feels so fresh and fun!


I've had some problems with the camera app on CyanogenMod 10.1, on my Samsung Galaxy S3 4G (GT-i9305). Sometimes it doesn't save my videos I record with it, last week I lost two vlogs because of that! Very annoying. And the sound has been recorded to loud, so loud that the sound get distorted. This is important to me because I use the GS3 as my camera for my vlogs.


But hopefully those bugs is gone now, because this weekend I installed the latest nightly build of CM 10.1. I have also had some worse battery life than I had on TouchWiz, but after installing this Nightly build, the battery life seems to be much better.

battery life

I like CyanogenMod a lot, so much that in reality I actually don't need to buy a new phone this year. That is how good CM 10.1 is. It feels like my Samsung Galaxy S3 4G has got new life again, it feels like a super galaxy phone now, running stock android. Everything feels so smooth and looks so beautiful. But of course I will buy a new phone, I am a geek :)

But I can highly recommend to install CyanogenMod 10.1 (or 10.2 if you have a phone that supports it already), if you have an older phone that you start to think is boring. It will give you a new phone, I promise you that. A great way to extend your phones life!

Watch my vlog about my CyanogenMod experience here: