First leaked photo of the Sony Honami mini

Sony honami mini

I have been posting rumors about a Sony Honami Mini before, but never a leaked photo, here is the first one, a very blurry one as usual when it comes to leaked photos. It's laying to the right of a BackBerry Q10 as a size comparison, and the guys at XDA Developers Forums has measured and counted pixels and so on, and came to the sizes you see in the photo. It could mean that the Sony Honami Mini will have a 4-inch display instead of 4.3-inch I have reported before. As you may remember, the Sony Honami Mini will be a "mini" phone with high end specs. The first when it comes to Android, all other so called mini phones only have mid range specs as it's best.
A new member called Xleaky, who only joined xda to leak the picture, said the following: “You didn’t see this from me… but 4th of Sep is gonna be exciting! Thats all I’m saying!” The unknown Xperia is sitting next to a BlackBerry Q10, giving some indication of size.
Source: Could this be the Honami mini? | Xperia Blog