Google+ will be updated with features that makes it even better as an RSS Reader replacement!


I love this! I've already told you that Google+ is the new Google Reader, and I even did a video that show you how I use Google+ instead of an RSS Reader and RSS. Watch it below.

This new Google+ stream features will make is a lot easier to see what you have read and not. It will make Google+ a very modern news reader. Our Google+ profiles and websites Google+ Pages is the new RSS, the future of RSS. It's time even the small blogs is creating a Google+ page and start posting their stuff there. I don't miss RSS at all since I moved to Google+, I am a tech reader and blogger, and everyone when it comes to those categories, has already understand that Google+ is the future and already have a Google+ page or profile. Thank you +Vic Gundotra for listening to me ;)

Here is my video on how I use Google+ instead of RSS:

Thanks to a new improvement to the Google+ stream, a resume button and ribbon is added when you press "New posts", allowing you to jump between the newly added posts and where you've read up to in the stream

Source: New bookmark feature makes consuming content in the Google+ stream easier | Google Plus Daily