Here is the plastic iPhone 5C in black - now we have seen it in 6 colors

iphone 5c

We have seen the cheaper, plastic iPhone 5C in many different colors already, but never in black, here it is, in black. That means that it will come in at least 6 different colors. Or could it just be an iPhone 5 in a case? Who knows, but we will probably see the truth September 10. Personally I think it looks terrible with that design. Hopefully it's just a prototype and Apple will surprise us.
One photo also shows the phone next to Apple’s current iPhone 5, reaffirming earlier reports that said the 5C will be slightly thicker than the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. While the iPhone 5C’s case has been pictured in several colors before including white, green, yellow, blue and pink, this is the first time the handset has been pictured in black
iphone 5c blackiphone 5c iphone 5Source: iPhone 5C Photos: Black iPhone 5C pictured for first time | BGR