High-res photos of a Golden iPhone 5S or is it Champagne?

Champagne Apple iPhone 5S surfaces

We all know that the next iPhone, the iPhone 5S will come in Gold too, and not only in White and Black. Or will Apple call it Champagne? No one knows. We can also see that it will have dual LED Flash instead of Single LED Flash. What do you think, is gold to much? Does it look sleazy? Well that color is nothing for me at least. And seriously, this is not enough to excite us again. Apple needs to do more than this…
Call it champagne, call it gold, the new iPhone 5S color seems to already be in production in China, and this is the first time we see such high-resolution images of its rear panel.
Champagne Apple iPhone 5S surfaces  5Champagne Apple iPhone 5S surfaces  4Champagne Apple iPhone 5S surfaces  3Champagne Apple iPhone 5S surfaces  2Champagne Apple iPhone 5S surfaces  1Source:
First high-res images of champagne gold Apple iPhone 5S shell surface

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