I have enhanced the Google+ Blogging experience

Blogger and Google+

You probably know that I am using Google+ as my blog, and there is a lot of advantages with that, for example the incredible interaction and engagement. There is also no need for SEO, because on Google+ it is having followers and interaction that counts.

On Google+ comments are content, and together we build up the posts, filled with info and facts.

And we don't need any blog archives either, personally I think that is a very old way blogging, on Google+ we have an excellent search engine to find content, and we also have #hashtags to categorize, and to me that is enough.

synced comments

Yes we can't format the posts so well, but we have the possibility to use Bold, Italic and Strikethrough, and I think on a modern social blog service as Google+ is I think that is enough. People want content first and design and media last, and that is exactly what Google+ gives. We have the text at the top and images, videos and links at the bottom. That is the modern way blogging.

I have been using Google+ as my main blog since July 2011.

all comment threads in one place

A while ago Google integrated Google+ comments on Blogger blogs, the comments, +1's, reshares all gets synchronized between Google+ and Blogger.

So I decided to start a blog on Blogger just because of this, and then realized that this makes this Google+ blogging experience even better.

You just have to publish your post in one place, and that is Blogger, immediately after you hit "publish", a windows pops up asking if you want to publish your blog post on Google+ too, by doing that everything gets synchronized between the two posts, and even better, all reshares of your post get's all collected on your Blogger post, so you can easily see all comments, +1's and reshares in one place, and you can easily reply to all comments in one place. This is what I like the most with connecting Google+ and Blogger together. This is the perfect combination for Google+ blogging.

Marketing your Google+ blog

You can also use your Blogger blog for marketing your Google+ blog or Google+ page. To me Google+ has replaced RSS Feeds, so no need for having an RSS widget or something, replace it with a Google+ Follow button instead.

And you can also mention a Google+ user in the exact same way on Blogger, just type the name with a "+" before it and it gets automatically linked to that persons Google+ profile.

So this is how I blog on Google+ now, same content in two places, but you don't have to worry about duplicate content, because SEO doesn't matter on Google+.