More leaked photos of the Sony Xperia Z1 Honami - this time in white

Xperia z1 honami 1

So here we go again, more leaked photos of the Sony Xperia Z1 Honami. This is a white version and you can see how thick it is all thanks to the incredible 20 megapixel camera sensor and the 3000 mAh huge battery in a phone with just a 5-inch display. You can also see that in the quite thick bezel, it has a quite long speaker. Sony Xperia Z1 will be the first device in Sony's new philosophy "One Sony", that means that it will have all the best things from Sony in one device. So that is probably why we can see quite nice speakers in this device too.

Now it just a few days left until we will see Honami officially presented. September 4 will Sony have an event.
You can check out a few more images of the device in white below.  We get a good look at the side profile showing the thickness of the handset as well as the long speaker located on the bottom
Xperia z1 honami 2Xperia z1 honami 3Xperia z1 honami 4Xperia z1 honami 5

Source: Even more Honami images leak, gives us a closer look at the speaker | Xperia Blog