More proof that the iPhone 5S will come in 4 different colors

Iphone 5s gray

Here we have some high quality photos of the fourth color of the coming iPhone 5S, Graphite or just Gray maybe. The source, Sonny Dickinson is wrong though, that everybody thought that the iPhone 5S would only come in three colors, as I said earlier today, already in April I did a video about that a Gray and Gold Sim Card tray had leaked. But this is more proof that it will come in these colors though. As I said before, I still thinks that this is not enough to excite us, this is not innovation. Here is the post I did already in April about this.

Iphone 5s gray 2Iphone 5s gray 3Iphone 5s gray 4Iphone 5s gray 5Iphone 5s gray 6Iphone 5s gray 7Iphone 5s gray 8Source: Behold: The First Part Leaks of the Grey or 'Graphite' iPhone 5S! | SonnyDickson