Motorola Moto X will only cost $100 (on contract) and be available in wood


So the Motorola Moto X will price drop to just $100 on contract, and will be available with a wooden backside, that will cost $50 extra. Wood is kinda cool, but still, the Moto X is more or less US only, and will never come to countries in Europe, like Sweden where I live, the reason is because most of it's cool and innovative features is based on voice and the English language…. It will probably never be translated to all different languages.. And no, you can't use it with the language set to ENglish here in Sweden for example, because the phone will not understand Swedish names on restaurants, people and the rest… That is the problem… Same thing with Google Now… useless here. Google needs to prioritize the work to fix these features so they get international support.
Moto X price drop to $100 coming in Q4, along with wooden back configurations (for $50)
Source: @evleaks - Google+ - Moto X price drop to $100 coming in Q4, along with wooden…