Piracy is to blame why we can't have any professional apps or good games on Android… Sad really


This is exactly what I've been trying to tell you all! I even done it in a video, see it below. Piracy is the reason why we don't have professional apps on Android. It's sad really. The backside of being "open". iOS has a lot of incredible and professional apps, Android not many. Look at the dreadful, really bad video editing apps for Android for example…. iOS has a handful of very professional video editing apps. And the music making scene is the same. And it is the same for games…. This is sad really, I wish more Android users were willing to pay for apps….
Yann Seznec, director of studio Lucky Frame that made the game Gentlemen!, says that over 50,000 people have downloaded his game on Android — far more than the 2,000 copies he hoped to sell overall. Unfortunately, only 144 of those people actually paid. Like many other mobile developers, Seznec is frustrated by his game's piracy rate.
Source: The indie game that 144 Android users bought and 50,000 pirated | The Verge