Sony's lens cameras will be called Smartshot and is very affordable!

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Update 2: One more very good photo of these cool Sony Smartshot lens cameras :)

Update: Even more photos has leaked out of these Sony Smartshot cameras. Looks very cool and useful, check them out at the bottom!

The name of the Sony lenscamera is apparently "Smart Shot," and has even in lens optical stabilization! That is awesome. These SmartShot cameras is compatible with both the iPhone and Android phones, and as you can see in these new images, they will fit perfectly fine together with the new gold (champagne) colored iPhone 5S :) Sony has apparently seen the rumors and leaks ;)

And the prices for these Sony Smart-shot cameras is very good, not so expensive that some believed it would, the QX10 will be priced at $250, and the QX100 will cost $450. I mean, it's the same lenses as the Sony WX150 and the RX100M, and these cameras cost $400 and $750!!

I could definitely be thinking of buying one of these. You can't get a smaller high end camera for that kind of money, and very easy to carry with you too. Easily paired with your phone too via NFC. You can either store your photos or videos (Personally video is more important), either on the memory in the SmartShot camera, or on your phone. Awesome. This is a great idea Sony!
1) The name of these cameras is actually “Smart Shot“. It’s a mix between Smart-phone and Cyber-Shot.

2) The SmartShot lenses have in lens stabilization!

3) Again, it’s compatible with all Android and iOS devices via Playmemories APP (the new version will come out soon. My sources tested the BETA version). Connection via Wi-Fi/NFC

4) Videos in HD video 1080/30p, format MP4. Can be recorded with low noise even in dark places.

5) The captured image is saved automatically in both the smartphone and memory in the camera.

6) You can control zoom, exposure, white balance, and focus on your mobile device.

7) The QX10 has the same 1/2,3 inch 18 megapixel CMOS sensor and  f/3,3-5.9 lens as the Sony WX150 ($400 on Amazon). WIll be priced at $250.

8) The QX100  costs $450. That is $300 less than the price of the RX100MII camera ($748 here at Amazon) that features the same sensor and lens! Greta pricing! You can get the best compact camera yet on market for $300 less.
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Source: (SR5) UPDATED: New QX “Smart Shot” pictures! Has in Image Stabilization! | sonyalpharumors